Sunday, May 10, 2009

9.Life Story Part-4

In having true devotion and faith, there is a powerful vision that anything is possible. Such a case is that of Govind, son of Karo Reeyani, who became his disciple and in turn Jala Bapa prayed to Shree Ram to protect his only disciple.
Years passed by and one day as everyone has to leave this earth, it happened that Govind was taken of ill health and gave up his life. Entire village had gathered to pay their last respects, even Jala Bapa had come and requested to be shown the face of the deceased. He sprinkled some sacred water on his face and to everyone's surprise Govind became alive.
This is a case that proves that Shree Jala Bapa who in humanly form had been bestowed special powers from none other than Shree Ram.

During the course of Respected Shree Jala Bapa's life, it had occurred that in the year 1901, in Jamnagar, a person by the name of Jamshree Ramanji, in his house had invited all saints, including Jala Bapa, to chant and praise the name of the Gods.
The host, Jamshree, had desired to give cloth to all those who attended the ceremony. It happened that the qunatity of cloth fell short for distribution. Jamshree was perplexed and thought of Jala Bapa. He requested the work of distribution of the cloth to be carried out by Jala Bapa.
Jala Bapa continued giving cloth and to everyone's surprise, each and everyone got their cloth. It was just like a coincidence of a beautiful occurrence during Draupadi times, when Shree Krishna had helped her. So was the case in Jala Bapa's life.
In our lifetime, should we hand over ourselves to the Almighty, he in turn, never let's us down.

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